Aloysius Cheang:全球十大网络发展趋势

在上个月,成都‧世界信息安全大会迎来了全球性的机构-「战略网络空间与国际研究中心」(简称CSCIS)作为大会的支持单位;此外,我们还请到了CSCIS的董事兼亚太区执行副总裁Aloysius Cheang加入我们的海外专家顾问团,金秋十月于成都‧世界信息安全大会也会有来自CSCIS的神秘嘉宾作为大会的讲师








5.电子钱包将成为一个醒目的攻击目标; 跨国界的数据泄露及隐私权监管,在迥异的司法管辖和合规要求下,将会成为一大挑战;



8. 因此,具有网军的政权们将展开一场军备竞赛、并尽可能的透过各种辅助武装国家的网络军火库;




成立于英国的「战略网络空间与国际研究中心」(简称CSCIS)是个多团体、多国籍的国际机构,致力于提供信息决策者网络空间战略洞察及政策因应方案,以强化全球网络空间的发展与安全。CSCIS的董事兼亚太区执行副总裁Aloysius Cheang不仅是成都‧世界信息安全大会的海外专家顾问团成员,还是AC3LABS的董事、ISyncGroup物联网安全初创公司的联合创始人。

Aloysius Cheang受访英文版:

Globally we are seeing cyberspace trending alongside global political outlook at this point in time. Hence, cyberspace is becoming increasingly segmented through either direct political sanctions or regulatory requirements. Additionally, we are seeing the following global trends:

1. Convergence of Data analytics, AI and Blockchain (smart contracts) are potential great source for a new, blended vector of attack.

2. Edge clients are getting too smart for their own good. Smart things leaks data in gushes.

3. 3 big groups of attack targets are waiting to be exploited: CII, Industrial 4.0, Smart City applications. When everything comes together, the rich data and context are helping potential hackers’ reconnaissance activities much easier.

4. Collection of data via all new mobility apps and new authentication methods such as facial recognition is going to poke a big hole in traditional parameters of what to protect.

5. E-wallets are going to be such a huge scam(target).

6. Managing data leakages and privacy will be challenging in the backdrop of contrasting legal jurisdiction and compliance requirement across borders.

7. Relinquishing control of your backend infrastructure and your data over to the big corporations who will become BIG BROTHER and it is 1984 all over again.

8. Nation state-sponsored attack are going to be responsible for 90% of the big hacks that are going to happen in the future; hacking is weaponized as a commodity today.

9. As such, there is going to be a cyber arm race where nation-state players are going to build up their repertoire of cyber arsenal through their auxiliary vehicles.

10. At the end of the day, collateral damage is going to be unavoidable. Cyber is going to be WMD – not Weapons of Mass Disruption but Weapons of Mass Destruction!